Holding up the Mirrah

How Mirrah coaching works?

You may have heard the song ‘Man in the mirror’ by Michael Jackson or the phrase ‘holding up the mirror’ when people talk about making change.  It is a common term we use when talking about self reflection and improvement.

A mirror is described as a ‘surface that shows a clear image’ or ‘shows reflection of’( Oxford Dictionary). It is a  simple everyday object that provides us with a clear image or a reflection. It also has the power to distort an image or magnify to create space and abundance.

Mirrors are simple everyday objects that we look at several times a day to adjust or admire our appearance without much thought. Imagine what you could do if the mirror acted as a reminder to help you change and reach your ambition. Envisage how you use an ordinary act to make extraordinary changes.

Mirrah coaching uses a combination of well-known coaching methods and Neuro-linguistics Programming (NLP) in three powerful steps to help you make changes and fulfil your ambition.

Mirrah Coaching holds up the mirror to you to find clarity,

break your limiting beliefs and make deep changes that last in three powerful steps:

Mirrah: See it

We will work together to understand what is holding you back and gain clarity of your goals and ambition.

Motion: Be it

We will go deep and work on breaking limiting beliefs to build a powerful mindset.

Move: Do it

We will take impactful actions to make each day an extraordinary day.

Coaching is a powerful practice that unlocks your personal resources

to equip you with firm self-belief and self-awareness to shape your future success in life, career or business.

Making change is hard when you don’t know how to make it happen. Lack of knowledge and skills leads to failure. On an individual level it could be unused gym membership because of failure to understand motivation and goals. For Transformation Teams, it could be due to a lack of understanding of change design and team roles. Corporate change often fails due to lack of a fit for purpose change strategy and  strategic support.

  • Personal – Mirrah can help you achieve  your personal growth.
  • Transformation Team –  Mirrah can help create psychological safety  to innovate and increase team performance.
  • Corporate Change –  Mirrah can help you create deep behavioral and organisational change to improve engagement and  business results.

Coaching for Change: you can do it when you can see it.


You will get one to one coaching typically lasting from 3 weeks to 3 months at a pace that suits you.  Your plan will be personalised to meet your need.  Get in touch to find out how I can help you to make lasting change.

Transformation Team

Even those leading change need a helping hand. It is easier to tell some people how to do it than to be the change.  I coach project and transformation teams to lead change effectively. Get in touch to discuss how I can help you to deliver success.

Corporate Change

Organisations must adapt to stay relevant. This could be implementing a new technology or changing work environment (eg Agile or remote working).  I help create a clear change strategy and build internal capability to achieve your desired goals. Get in touch to discuss how I can help build your long-term resilience.